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Gnome Sort algorithm – PHP implementation


  1. Finds the first place where two adiacent elements are in wrong order and swap them.
  2. Check to the left if there are wrong order of two adiacent elements and swap if found.
  3. If not found other elements on left continue with step 1.

Gnome sort is a sorting algorithm  which is similar to insertion sort, except that moving an element to its proper place is accomplished by a series of swaps, as in bubble sort.

  • Worst case: O(n2)
  • Average case: O(n2)
  • Best case: O(n)

PHP implementation (function from a larger sort Class):

     /**Function for sorting an array with gnome sort algorithm.
     * @param array $array
     * @return array
    public static function gnomeSort(array $array) {
        while($i<count($array)) {
            if ($array[$i]>=$array[$i-1]){
            } else {
                //swap the elements
                if ($i>1) {
        return $array;


  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gnome_sort
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